Linguists at play

Saturday silliness.

Over on Language Log, Mark Liberman posted, a few days ago, about the Linguist Llama meme (with an example featuring the schwa) and I followed that up with an example about referent-finding. Now a few more examples from the Linguist Llama site.

On negation, WH-clefts, verbs, and code-switching:

Once Linguist Llama established itself, it was followed by Linguist Lioness and Linguist Ling Cod. Surely there will soon be a Linguist Lizard site as well. And maybe we can look forward to a Linguist Lingam site, with a talking penis; goodness knows I have plenty of possible background images.

And then there are the talking food possibilities: Linguist Lingonberry, Linguist Linguini, Linguist Linguiça, and Linguist Limburger. Plus Linguist Lingerie (talking underwear!) and Linguist Limousine (there are so-called limousine liberals; are there also limousine linguists?).

And, finally, there could be a Lingulate Linguist (‘tongue-shaped linguist’) series, using the Rolling Stones logo:

(The logo, from 1970, is by designer John Pasche. According to the Famous Logos site, it “represents the intense and rebellious mouth of Mick Jagger” and alludes to the Hindu goddess Kālī, the goddess of everlasting energy, time, change, … and destruction.)

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Ah, Linguist Lizard and Linguist Lingam can be combined as Linguist Lingam Lizard, thanks to the penisaurus, which can be viewed here.

  2. LOLcats and captions « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] (LOLcats on this blog here and here; many many more postings on Language Log. And the related Linguist Llama meme on this blog here.) […]

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