An engineer, not a linguist

From several sources, a link to today’s Dilbert (here), with an exchange between a female character I’ll call A and the engineer Wally (W here). I haven’t been able to unearth an image I can reproduce here, but this is the text:

A [offering piece of paper to W, who scupulously manages not to take it]: Wally, can you review this for any engineering issues?

W: What issues do you think it has?

A: I don’t know. I’m not an engineer.

W: Your request is too vague. You need to tell me what issues I’m looking for!

A: Did you just ask me to do what I just asked you to do?

☛ W: I don’t know. I’m an engineer, not a linguist.

A: I’ve suddenly lost all faith in humanity!

W: On the plus side, you found an issue.

The crucial bit is marked with the pointing finger. In it, W deflects attention away from any responsibility he might have in the matter via a version of the That’s Just Words/Semantics ploy, which continues to place the burden of responsibility on A.

(It could fairly be argued that both A and W are caught in a tricky situation, since either of them could be slammed by their manager if an engineering issue is missed, or if it takes too long to decide that there is none.)

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  1. Ned Deily Says:

    The “I’m an engineer, not a linguist” could be a reference to Dr McCoy’s famous expression in “Star Trek: The Original Series” [retronym, anyone?]: “I’m a doctor, not a “. A tribute here:

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