News for penguins: cache and carry

From correspondent RJP, a link to a story on the My Modern Met site, “Adorable Egg Holder Transforms Your Produce into a Pack of Penguins” by Sara Barnes on 8/23/19:

(#1) Egguins: portmanteau in name, portmanteau in function

There are more eggcellent ways to store your eggs than in a carton. The innovative Peleg Design, for instance, prefers to transform the poultry into adorable penguins. To do this, they’ve developed Egguins, a cook, store, and serve holder that keeps up to six eggs between the arms of black flightless birds. When the white eggs are nestled into their bellies, they create an illusion that a rookery is standing attention in your fridge or on your counter.

Egguins is more than just a charming way to hold eggs, though. It’s a versatile product that’s heat resistant and made of food-safe plastic capable of handling the “Arctic winter of your fridge or the hot springs of your pot.” This makes it easy to take a half dozen eggs from storage and place them into a pot of boiling water to easily create hard-boiled eggs. Egguins comes equipped with a long handle that will always stay cool so that you can pull the penguins from the water once they’re done. Afterward, set them on the table and you’ve got a quirky way to serve brunch.

The Egguins are stereotypical black-and-white penguins, closest to Adelie penguins in real life:



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