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From Victor Steinbok on ADS-L, a link to this Daily Meal piece on “7 Most Inappropriate Restaurant Names” by Sarah Fuss:

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively were spotted this week, according to Page 6, eating lunch side by side at Pink Taco, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. The thing that sucks about Pink Taco, aside from its somehow chauvinist name, is that they recently painted a donkey pink in a publicity stunt that got them a lot of negative attention from animal lovers. But what do you expect from a restaurant with a title like that?

Fuss goes on to list 7 further dubious restaurant names, in the spirit of the posting on this blog on:

Plumed Serpent for a gay bar; Pink Taco for a restaurant; and Tube Steak for a hot-dog stand

Fuss’s candidates:

1. Mother Clucker’s
 Iroquois, Ontario

2. A&K Lick-a-Chick
 Bras d’Or, Nova Scotia

3. Dirty Dick’s Crab House
 Nag’s Head, NC

4. Hooters
 Every. where.

5. Big Pecker’s Bar & Grill
 Ocean City, MD

6. Thai Me Up
 New York, New York

7. Hung Far Low
 Portland, OR

Gerald Cohen, in Rolla MO, added the local restaurant Randy’s Roadkill BBQ and Grill. And Doug Wilson unearthed a site with “10 of the Worst Restaurant Names Ever” — with photos! The list:

Fu King Chinese Restaurant in Lake Worth FL

Kum Den Bar & Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

My Dung Restaurant in Rosemead CA

Gassey Jack’s near Orange C ity FL

Hitler’s Cross in Mumbai [with a swastika; name changed after protests]

Flavors of Negros in the Gateway Mall in Cubao, Philippines [Negros, an island in the Philippines]

Sar’s Oriental Cuisine in Tacoma WA

Mc Wank’s in Watson Lake, Yukon, Canada

Poopsies Food & Drinks in Pembroke MA

Colon Restaurant Bar in Barcelona, Spain [Colon ‘Columbus’]

Many further suggestions from readers in the comments.


5 Responses to “More unfortunate names”

  1. Melinda Says:

    A bit south of Fairbanks we’ve got “Dirty Dick’s Halfway Inn” (I guess it’s roughly halfway between Fairbanks and some spot on the Parks Highway). I gather it exists mostly to sell t-shirts and Bud Light.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Ken Callicott on Facebook:

    I always thought Skat’s was a horrible name for a restaurant.

  3. buckbear Says:

    I worry that number 2’s town is bad enough. I’m assuming it’s pronounced to be homophonous with “bra door”.

  4. Robert Says:

    I always assumed tht the “unfortunate” association with Hooters’ name was deliberate.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      The names in these lists are a mixture of intentional choices (wink wink nudge nudge) and inadvertent misfortune. Hooters is clearly of the first sort.

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