Edgar Allan Peau

From King Features’ Comics Kingdom on the 1st, “Ask A Cartoonist: Favorite Authors!”, with a cartoon from Isabella Bannerman of Six Chix:


That’s French peau ‘skin, pelt’. Some people have bear skins on the floor in front of the fireplace; literary types opt for poet pelts.

Bannerman’s explanation:

Well, I know it’s Halloween, but that isn’t why I featured Edgar Allen Poe.

I created this cartoon a long time ago – and it is so weird and sick that it has never been published, but it was part of a group show at the bar Max Fish [on NYC’s Lower East Side] in 2005.

Anyway, enjoy!

A classic (grizzly) bear skin rug — sans naked baby, babe, or hunk — from BearSkinWorld:


Edgar Allan Poe’s name has been subject to cartoon play, as Edgar Allan Pooh (referring to Winne the Pooh), twice on this blog: from Rhymes With Orange on 10/2/12 and from Bizarro on 10/14/13.

I haven’t found cartoons with Edgar Allan Pois (French pois ‘pea’), Edgar Allan Poi (poi ‘a Hawaiian dish made from the fermented root of the taro, which has been baked and pounded to a paste’ (NOAD2)), Edgar Allan Pea / Pee, Edgar Allan Pi / Pie, or Edgar Allan Beau. But there is a posting on the Lipstick Chronicles blog that has a bunch of doctored photos: Edgar Allan Bro, ‘Fro, Flo, Cho, Blow, Moe, Dough, and more, including my favorite:

  (#3) Edgar Allan Ho

That’s Hawaiian singer Don “Tiny Bubbles” Ho. So far Edgar Allan Ho, with ho ‘hooker’, is unattested, as is the agricultural Edgar Allan Hoe.

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