Lassie to the rescue

The Rhymes With Orange cartoon of the 11th:

A play on the ambiguity of the noun help. Among its senses in NOAD2 are these:

[1] the action of helping someone to do something; assistance: I asked for help from my neighbors | thank you for your help.

[2] [in sing.] a person or thing that helps: he was a great help.

Lassie is trained to assist people (the first sense), so she leaps (literally) to the rescue here (yes, we need to assume that the dog can read and understand English, but this is CartoonWorld, not the real world). The sign in the window, however, is seeking help in the second sense, specifically someone to work in the place.

In other cartoons. Lassie has had trouble interpreting English in a context-appropriate way. For instance, in a Danny Shanahan New Yorker cartoon that I posted about on 7/15/12, where Lassie is exhorted “Get help!!”, we have

A pun on get help, turning on who plays the benefactee role in help-getting: the drowning man (‘get help for me’), or Lassie (‘get help for yourself’).

Lassie, like many others who have been told to get help, seeks therapy.

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