On AZBlogX: fashion and Falcon stars

Two recent postings on my X Blog: “Snarky fashion” (with four vintage men’s fashion ads, amended by sexual dialogue between the men in them) and “More Falcons at Fallingwater” (with two more postcards of Falcon Studio pornstars, Karl Tenner and Colby Taylor, amended by decorative designs by Frank Lloyd Wright, completing a series begun earlier in January).

These Falcons at Fallingwater postings (like the earlier “Trent Reed”, “Falcon models”, “Billy Brandt”, and “Hammond organs”) use postcards sent to me by Max Vasilatos, and they include images of the men in action in their films (along with comments on that action, and on the presentations of the men’s bodies), so they’re wildly too X-rated for WordPress.

The snarky fashion images, on the other hand, are visually unremarkable (though, omigod, I remember those regrettable clothes, from my early days), but my captioning makes them dirty, and there’s no linguistic point to them, so off to the X Blog they go. (I’m into captioning as an art form.)

[Added February 8th: three more snarkily captioned fashion ads, here.]


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