Maypole and big guns

Annals of phallicity: an elegant maypole (a week after May Day) and very big naval guns:

Two very different phallic images.

The maypole appears here without dancers or flowers or any other accompaniments — just the pole and the ribbons (in pastel colors). The origins and meanings of the maypole are much debated, but it certainly can serve as a phallic symbol.

The big guns are in half of a photograph from Kevin Bentley’s Sailor: Vintage Photos of a Masculine Icon (2000), a collection of images assembled from auctions, estate sales, antique shops, flea markets, and the like. (The left half of the photo, not reproduced here, has a third gun with a sailor in it.) Sailors posing with their ships’ guns are a common theme from wartime. As I said in an earlier posting on phallicity,

The association between men’s weaponry and their masculinity, via their penises, is subliminal, but still potent (perhaps laughably potent) in images like this.

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