Film fantasy

(Racy-gaysexy, but, I think, no more than that.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad (for their Underwear Club, “Fresh underwear every month”), with my caption:


Sharp Suave
Stepped from the
Screening of
Rude Valentino at
Rough Flicks to
Saunter among the
Seats, giving
Himself to his
Hungry fans

The film meme is of the character who steps out of a film’s fantasy world and into the real world.

The meme has probably been around since the earliest days of film; in a few cases, it’s the central plot device in a movie. One especially memorable example is the Purple Rose of Cairo:


The Purple Rose of Cairo is a 1985 American romantic fantasy comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen, and starring Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, and Danny Aiello.
… the tale of a film character named Tom Baxter who leaves a fictional film of the same name and enters the real world. (Wikipedia link)

Delightful movie.

Also charming, though heavier-handed, is an episode of the American tv series Charmed (S2 E18 “Chick Flick” of 4/20/00), in which the Demon of Illusion brings to life characters from horror movies,  in an attempt to kill the three Charmed Ones (sister witches); sister Phoebe’s favorite movie character from childhood, Billy, steps out from the screen to help them.

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