Ken Krimstein

… the cartoonist, with this cartoon in the July 27th New Yorker:


The P is silent.

I’m charmed by the idea of pterodactyl commuters on the Hudson

Ken Krimstein is new to this blog. From his webpage at DePaul University, where he teaches:

Ken Krimstein is an award-winning copywriter and creative director who combines executive experience at at some of the top agencies in New York, Chicago, and Hong Kong with an extensive career as a partner in his own creative marketing agencies in New York City and Chicago.

… Krimstein’s humor columns and articles have been featured in The New York Observer and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and his cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Barron’s, and National Lampoon.

Another New Yorker cartoon of his with a linguistic bent:


And his one book of collected cartoons so far: the 2010 Kvetch As Kvetch Can: Jewish Cartoons. Cover from


Nice play on the idiom catch as catch can.

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