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From my crack team of ballet reporters, two clips of the Golden Idol variation from the ballet La Bayadère, which I wrote about in a 6/23 posting. Nothing of linguistic interest here; this is just for the pleasure of watching these men dance.

First, from Mike McKinley, this clip of Wilfried Romoli dancing in Paris in 1994 (choreography by Rudolf Nureyev, after the Petipa original):

Romoli (born in 1963) has been a principal dancer of the Ballet of the Paris Opera since 1989.

Then, from Chris Ambidge, this clip of Ivan Vasiliev in the Bolshoi Ballet’s 2007 production (choregraphy by Y. Grigorovich, after Petipa).

Vasiliev (born 1989) was a principal dancer at the Bolshoi until 2011, then moved to the Mikhaylovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and on to American Ballet Theatre in 2012.

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