Conversation with the Muffman

Today’s Zippy, with another roadside fiberglass icon:


There’s a Wikipedia article on Muffler Men, roadside fiberglass figures originally serving as commercial icons, usually holding a sample of whatever is advertised — a muffler in the case of the canonical Muffler Man. Muffler Men take many forms: images of Paul Bunyan, for instance, and the very popular cowboy figure, as above. Zippy fairly often engages Muffler Men (and other fiberglass figures) in conversation.

(Note Zippy’s play with nicknames for the figure in #1: Muffy, Muffman.)

Earlier on this blog:

on 3/12/14, a Zippy with a Muffler Bunyan in it, material from the Wikipedia article, and a photo of a (beardless) Muffler Man holding a (fiberglass) hot dog at Bunyon’s in Cicero IL

on 1/12/15, a Zippy on roadside fiberglass statuary, in particular a (beardless) cowboy Muffler Man in a red shirt

It’s not easy to identify the originals. For the red-shirted cowboy, this might be the guy in Wynnewood OK:


From the Roadside America site:

Address: State Hwy 29, Wynnewood, OK

His scene in the movie “Twister” ended up on the cutting room floor. Now he beckons shoppers to a Western Wear store. Ironically blown to bits in 2011 storm; since repaired.

The cowboy Muffler Man in #1 might be the one in Boonville MO:


From Frank Brusca’s Route 40 site:

Muffler Man (relocated), Old Route 40, Boonville, MO

This cowboy Muffler Man stood in front of an adult shop and later a gas station just west of Boonville on Old Route 40. He was visible on the westbound side of I-70.

This guy was auctioned off and the new owner is having the cowboy refurbished. Afterwards, he will be part of the Kansas City Children’s Museum.

The surviving Muffler Men are mostly empty-handed (as in #2and #3).

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