Disruptive conversation

From Wondermark on 9/9/14:


From blogger Tegiminis (“Game critic, writer, big gay robot” in Seattle WA) on the site Simplikation (“Heaps of words on games, culture, and media in general”) on 11/20/14: “Why Sealioning Is Bad”:

Chances are you’ve seen this comic by David Malki if you frequent Twitter at all these days. It even coined a new verb – “sealioning” – to describe the act of jumping into a discussion with demands for evidence and answers to questions.

But why is it an awful thing to do? Why do people react so negatively to a request for evidence? Surely a reasoned, rational person would acquiesce to such a statement!

Well, no.

Tegiminis argues that these demands are made in bad faith; they are aimed at disrupting conversation rather than advancing it.

Wondermark has now returned to this topic, in a series of (so far) four “Earthworm Bucket” strips , with a different annoying troll:





Run screaming!

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