Detached bodyparts in the comics

Remarkably, together in today’s comics feed, two cartoons about detached body parts.

One, an instance of the Potato Head cartoon meme in Bizarro:


(If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 17 in this strip! — see this Page.)

Two, a Mother Goose and Grimm with rabbits rather than its usual characters:


The pleasure of the Potato Head cartoon meme in #1 comes from the fact that every PH bodypart is detachable. So it’s not just “Detachable Penis” jokes, but lots more.

In #1 we see the convenience of such arrangements. Want a tattoo on your arm? Just leave the arm and go about your other business for a while!

Then in #2, we get a grotesque consequence of the superstition about a rabbit’s foot being good luck. (The idea that a rabbit’s foot is a powerful charm seems to be both very old and very widespread.)

So we get two disabled rabbits, with non-functional good-luck charms.

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