Why? Why?

Because we can. And we think it’s clever. And cute.

But why try to read the minds of people who do these things? Just sit back and admire their artisanal pigs in blankets. On a Pinterest board:

(#1) “A fun and easy weave of hot dogs and crusty French bread strips”

From the raw materials — thin hot dogs and commercial crescent roll dough (Pillsbury is the usual brand) — to the finished woven mats of baked bread and franks. More artful than the usual marriage of pig and croissant —

(#2) The classic cloaked oinker

but also considerably harder to manage, requiring carving of the mat and at least a fork, if not knife and fork, to eat, while the classic blanketed frank is finger food. This is the sacrifice we are expected to make for art.

Earlier on this blog, on 8/23/11 in “Corndogs and their ilk”, among them

in the breaded hot dog family: pigs in a blanket — hot dogs or other sausages wrapped in biscuit dough, pancake, or croissant dough, and baked

I get a lot of Pinterest hot dog offerings, much of it weird (on either culinary or artistic grounds), some of it bordering on the indecent, most of it combined, for some reason, with seriously racy Sterek slash art, showing mansex between Stiles and Derek from Teen Wolf (everything short of visible penises — a sadly lost opportunity for thematic integration with the hot dogs).

Footnote on naming. Pigs in a blanket is an awkwardly long name for this simple food. I suggest the portmanteau crespig (crescent + pig), with the accompanying logo:

(#3) The crespig: crescent moon pig face sticker from RedBubble

You could make it into a flag, the Crescent and Pig — haram but entertaining.

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  1. rjp Says:

    PiB in the UK means cocktail sausages (small wrinkled things, maybe 1-2” long) wrapped in bacon. Which is obviously better because you don’t fuss up your meat snack with bread products.

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