Patio report 10/25/20

Four photos (by Kim Darnell) from yesterday showing the current state of my patio, including a bird feeder pole system and its four stations for feeding birds of different sorts: two more hanging feeders (to add to the three feeders installed previously), a hummingbird feeder, and an open pan, a few feet off the ground, filled with seeds and nuts.

An overview of one end of the patio (with the gate from my walkway and the arbor over the walkway), where the feeding apparatus lives, so that it’s visible to me from inside the house, while I’m at my work table; birds flutter down from the sky constantly, and my four squirrels can feed within my sight — and they can leap from the arbor into the big crape myrtle tree on the street, and from there into california live oak trees:

(#1) With a scrub jay in the pan

You also get a sample of plants in my container garden; between seasons, it’s all greenery. The plants with strap-like leaves are cymbidium orchids, and when the rain comes, they’ll burst into long-lasting bloom, one cultivar at a time throughout the winter, until the last variety gives up, around June, when it gets hot and dry.

Close-up of a jay in the pan, with a low-slung birdbath in the background:


A hummingbird at the feeder. One of several (distinguishable by color) that now come for the syrup in the feeder; this one is yellow:

(#3) The feeder is notably red, that being the color of flowers that are especially attractive to hummingbirds

An overview from inside, through one of the two windows by my work table:

(#4) Showing the whole bird feeder pole system, plus one of two feeders affixed to the outside of the windows

The bird feeder pole system is described in more detail in my 10/21/20 posting “Three comforting presents”.



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