Brilliant words and yucky words

Chris Waigl, appreciating the run of cartoon postings on this blog, pointed me to the strip Nemi, by Lise Myrhe (a Norwegian strip; a selection of strips in English is available here). Here we see Nemi listing a few of her favorite words, and Cyan supplying one of her least favorite. Word celebration vs. word aversion.

Language Log has had considerable coverage of the word aversion phenomenon: “Ask Language Log: The moist panties phenomenon“, 8/20/2007; “Don’t say ‘tin’ to Rebecca, you know how it upsets her“, 8/20/2007; “Morning mailbag“, 9/10/2007; “The long moist tail“, 10/6/2007; “From cringe to offense“, 10/25/2007. Plus “Moist aversion: the cartoon version“, 8/27/08, from which this list of earlier postings is taken. I’m working on a follow-up posting.

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