A Wrong Hands cartoon by John Atkinson, from 9/18/12:


What happens when you take idioms literally.

Atkinson is new to this blog. His Wrong Hands website is not at all informative about him, except to say that he’s in Ottowa On.

Many of his cartoons are language based. Here’s a more recent one, from 9/19/14, with a POP (phrasal overlap portmanteau): Moby Dick + Dick Cavett:


Ahab and the white whale on the Dick Cavett Show.

3 Responses to “Idioms”

  1. Steven Levine Says:

    Are you familiar with this cartoon (“Symphony in Slang”), pretty much along these lines? St. Peter enlists Noah Webster for help in deciphering late-40s/early-50s slang:

  2. Joe Says:

    Actually, these cliches seem more like metaphors, vastly overutilized – though not as much as “awesome”, whoe overuse is TRULY awesome..

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