Unsavory moments on AZBlogX

Just posted on AZBlogX, “On the piss patrol”, about the Urinal Piss Gag (I’m not making this up); piss drinking; and piss play in general.

A spin-off from my 4/25 posting “At the t-room urinals”, with an inventory of interactions between men in t-room urinal sex, ending with:

Or, since the men are using urinals, the encounter can turn into a watersports event, with one man taking the other’s piss, in his mouth or on his body. See my earlier postings on piss as a fetish…

I didn’t pursue the topic there, since piss play (genteelly, watersports) is not a major activity in t-room sex. Then I stumbled on a sexual appliance that was new to me: the Urinal Piss Gag by Oxballs.

Obviously, the XBlog posting is not for kids or the sexually modest.

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