Who were those masked penguins?

They are the (rainbow) penguins on a face mask from the Monterey Bay Aquarium — a gift to me from Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, brought to me this morning by Opal Armstrong Zwicky (providing me with, oh fabulous delight, an actual visit from my grand-daughter, in my own house, where we could chat at length before she goes back to some version of her senior year in high school in western Massachusetts):


(Elizabeth has my number, of course: penguins as a totem animal, rainbow as a gay symbol.)

As I side point, I note the wonderful sea otter mask that Elizabeth got for Opal from the Aquarium:


Rainbow penguins. An occasional theme on this blog, for obvious reasons (well, I’ll pretty much do gay anything, because I think it’s very important that the queer presence not be concealed or elided, but instead celebrated; if that makes you uncomfortable, learn from it). Three relevant postings:

on 7/11/19 in “Three Pride moments”: 5 different rainbow penguins, among them:

(#3) A rainbow penguin mousepad

on 8/23/19 in “Penguins meet and greet”:

(#4) La Púrpura, a  purple stuffed penguin; and Pingüino Gaudí, a rainbow mosaic figure from Barcelona

on 4/25/20 in “The rainbow penguin of regard”, a drawing:


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