News flash: sex continues to sell

… and the sun continues to rise in the east.

Another report on views of this WordPress blog. Last time I checked in, the most-viewed postings were heavily about sex and sexuality, though my “agapanthus” posting (on the plant) had been leading the charts by a considerable margin for months. Then “agapanthus” dropped like a stone off the list, and “Five-Ku on Channing Tatum” (with hot photos as well as haikus) zoomed to the top and has held the lead for at least a week.

Top posts for the past week, as of today:

Five-Ku on Channing Tatum, 172 views; Gang showers, 124 views; The Weinerfest rolls on, 64 views; Olympic exposure, 64 views; Men kissing, 61 views; Seven Supermen and Brad Pitt [with homoerotic shirtlessness], 60 views; Three more cartoons for Sunday [Bizarro, Pearls Before Swine, Dilbert], 48 views; soft/hard, 48 views

Only the cartoons for Sunday have (as far as I can discern) no sexual content.

I note that I post a great many pieces with no sexual content, or only the most glancing reference to sex or sexuality: technical stuff on morphology and syntax, lots of postings on language play, things on music, art, food, and plants, and so on. But the sexy stuff sells.

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  1. Alon Says:

    Don’t underestimate measurement biases. Readers who routinely follow your posts, and who might well be more interested on the linguistic side, may be using an RSS aggregator that hides them from your report.

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