Today’s idiom blend

An exchange reported on Facebook this morning, by one of the participants, EF:

JK: It’s a matter of which came first, the horse or the egg.
EF: [stares at him] Do you realize what you just said?
JK: [long silence] This is going to end up in a Facebook post, isn’t it?
EF: Yes. Yes it is.

Meanwhile, don’t put the cart before the chicken.

In pictures:

(#1) Horse and egg

(#2) Chicken and cart

As with transposition / exchange / Spoonerism errors, idiom blens (aka malaphors) are sometimes committed intentionally, for jocular or rhetorical effect, as in this 1/24/14 tweet (by Will Hayllar):

Which came first, the horse or the egg? Meat industry could learn much from the way the egg industry responded to its past crises

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