Il Leopardo di Sparta

(About men’s bodies and fetishwear, so not to everyone’s taste.)

Today’s bulletin from the Daily Jocks company, introducing a new brand (Sparta’s) on their site, with the image below — to which I’ve added a caption in free verse:

(#1) Il Leopardo di Sparta

Background: the company. From the DJ site (not edited by me):

Italian brand Sparta’s Harness specialise in premium harnesses made from high quality materials.

Sparta’s owner, Tony started his career as a tailor in Milan, at first under the guidance of Gianni Versace and afterwards working in the haute couture department for his sister Donatella.

Check out these latex harness with easy access velcro strap available in 9 colour ways.

The company makes a wide variety of harness types. A display of four in the latex style:

(#2) In white, fuchsia. black, and leopard; also available in camo, blue, green, orange, and red — $85 each

Sparta’s also does serious harnesses, like this Maximus style in genuine leather (for $180):


Another chapter in butch fagginess. An item of classic leather gear, the harness (offered by a company named after the warlike and stoic Spartan state), pressed into service in the latex items as playful, fashion-conscious, kicky (recalling the delicious excesses of the Versace firm). Simultaneously conveying a high-macho identity and a flagrantly gay one: the message of what I’ve called, in a 8/14/18 posting, butch fagginess:

These garments [from the frank-homowear firm Berlin Barcode] scream “I’m queer! And butch! And that’s wonderful! You too?” They’re advertisements for one specifically gay style of masculinity. There are others: celebratorily fem(me)/sissy styles… ; gender-fluid styles; “regular guy” homosexuality (attempting to adopt all the trappings of heteronormative masculinity except for the sex of one’s partner); MSM “just sex” configuration of male-male pairing (embracing mansex  as celebratory male bonding while rejecting gay as identity, community, or source of affectional partnership); and hypermasculine homosexuality (Berlin Barcode caters to this audience in many of its products).

A note on the title. Il Leopardo di Sparta, reminiscent of but distinct from Il Gattopardo di Lampedusa (see Wikipedia link).

(Meanwhile, if you’re so inclined, you can find any number of remarkable leopardwear items for men: thongs, bodysuits, trousers, tuxedos, and more.)



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