Postings on internal/external inflection

Here are some postings, on Language Log and on this blog, on internal and external inflection. This inventory is probably incomplete.

(Note: the case of noun-noun compounds with a plural as first element — activities center, Mets fan, etc. — is a separate topic from this one and is not covered in this posting.)

EB, 5/28/06: And the plural of MacBook Pro is …:

GP, 8/10/06: The dying adjective laureate:
poet laureate (vs. Nobel laureate)

ML, 8/21/06: Term for shifting plural s to the end of initialisms and acronyms?:
WMD etc.

GP, 8/21/06: No plural shifting term:
follow-up to 3484

ML, 4/22/07: Cavett’s comforting cavils:
attorney general, film noir, and more

External, internal, and double inflection

ticking off

More internal inflection

shout-out; in comments: Whopper Junior, fuck-up, Chicken-In-A-Biskit

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  1. Vernacular writing « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] nounings of up and shout out, the latter used by North with an internal plural rather than the external plural you’d get from treating the verb + particle combination shout […]

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