Annals of advertising: the new normal for noses

A new tv commercial for Naväge (sometimes just Navage) touts it as just the thing for current times:

Now is the time to make good nasal hygiene the new normal.

The commercial doesn’t seem to be available on-line yet, but here’s an earlier print ad:

“uses powered suction to relieve nasal congestion” (with a saline solution)

The brand name is, of course, a portmanteau, of nasal + lavage; on the latter, from NOAD:

noun lavageMedicine washing out of a body cavity, such as the colon or stomach, with water or a medicated solution.

Reviews are mixed on the utility of the system for relieving chronic sinusitis and the like (though for a while as a child I had regular nasal lavage performed by a doctor, with pretty good results). But I’ve found no information about the wisdom of flushing mucus out of the nasal cavity in current times.

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  1. Sim Aberson Says:

    I had to use a neti pot after sinus surgery. I got used to it pretty quickly, and it worked. Naväge looks overly engineered and a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.

    Alas, the sinus surgery didn’t take care of the problem (facial pain) and made things worse (I now suffer allergies with horrible sneezing fits, sinus congestion, and headaches, which I never had before the surgery).

    I did learn that I’m missing a frontal sinus, which the doctor didn’t think was particularly interesting. But, it just show how asymmetric I am.

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