Tearooms and their features

On AZBlogX today, a piece “Tearoom time”, with almost nothing that can be pictured here, beyond the cover of this recent book by Jane Ward:

Not Gay thrusts deep into a world where straight guy-on-guy action is not a myth but a reality: there’s fraternity and military hazing rituals, where new recruits are made to grab each other’s penises and stick fingers up their fellow members’ anuses; online personal ads, where straight men seek other straight men to masturbate with; and, last but not least, the long and clandestine history of straight men frequenting public restrooms for sexual encounters with other men.

My XBlog posting is about those public restrooms, called tearoomsT-rooms, or t-rooms by those who use them, especially as depicted in two pieces of classic gay porn — one part of Huge 1 (1983) and one of The Bigger the Better (1984) — and featuring glory hole sex, subpartition sex (“sticking it under”), other sex in tearooms, and various forms of group sex involving gay men. Amply illustrated.

Not for kids, the sexually modest, or the easily offended.

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