Naming that company

Here’s a clip of an ad for the Wealthfront firm, with two friends playing with possible names for a company they’re thinking of creating.

Text from Wealthfront:

A man and his friend are knitting together and discussing Wealthfront’s automated investment services. Because Wealthfront has such low fees and minimums, they’ll have enough money to buy all kinds of yarn, or even open that yarn shop. But what to call it? The Yarn Barn, Knit Wit, Knitty Knitty Bang Bang or Knit Happens? Visit and you too can decide what to do with all your savings.

All very playful.

They start small, with a rhyming name: the Yarn Barn.

Then comes a rhyme and a play on an existing word, nitwit: the Knit Wit.

Then a play on a formulaic name, quoting Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a children’s story and film: Knitty Knitty Bang Bang.

And finally, a play on the slogan Shit Happens: Knit Happens.

Earlier on this blog, four postings with plays on Shit Happens: on 7/11/11, with Chick Happens and Lit Happens; on 8/5/11, with Sit Happens; on 8/19/11, with Ship Happens; and on 11/14/14, with It Happens (plus suggestions for other possibilities).

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