Cartoon fingers

Today’s Bizarro:

I’d go for the middle finger of the three, rather than the fingers on the outside, the little finger and the index finger.

But then there’s the finger issue for cartoon characters in general. From a contributor on the Online Photographer site:

I just realized something very disconcerting this morning. Dilbert has too many fingers!

By way of illustration:

The poster goes on:

Everybody knows that cartoon characters from Mickey Mouse to Homer Simpson have three fingers and a thumb.

As here:

The consensus seems to be that four fingers (plus a thumb) is visually too many; hands tend to look like a bunch of bananas, as they say. But in drawing human figures, some cartoonists go for realism, and four fingers. So, Tintin:

and Terry of Terry and the Pirates:

2 Responses to “Cartoon fingers”

  1. Jan Freeman Says:

    Funny to be looking at these with the tiny little cursor-hand icon on top of them … and to realize for the first time that it has all five fingers, and would probably look better with four!

  2. Greg Stump Says:

    In the animated Beatles movie Yellow Submarine, the villainous blue meanies have six fingers (; this is probably a sly reference to the four-fingered Mickey Mouse, since the rank-and-file meanies wear mouseketeer hats. (Their leader wears a grotesquely deformed version whose ears are like deflated balloons.) The meanies’ memorable look was the work of the graphic designer Heinz Edelmann, who also designed Curro, the rainbow-crested mascot of the 1992 Universal Exposition of Seville (; Curro’s hand-like wings naturally have four fingers.

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