Fill me with chocolate cream

… and pour melted chocolate over me, and I’ll be your Penguin: p … p … p … pick me up!

I’m a McVitie’s Penguin biscuit bar, and I’m all yours:


Chris Ambidge was in a UK food import shop in Toronto this week (for Twiglets, piccalilli, Rose’s lime marmalade (AZ swoons here) and also p-p-p-picked up an eight-pack of  Penguins — chocolate-covered biscuit bars, with a chocolate cream filling — something he’s loved since primary schooldays, and now they also remind him of me. Because penguins.

From Wikipedia:

Penguins are milk chocolate covered biscuit bars filled with chocolate cream …


They were first produced in 1932 by William McDonald, a biscuit manufacturer in Glasgow, and became a McVitie’s brand when McDonald joined with McVitie’s and Price, MacFarlane Lang & Co and Crawford to form United Biscuits in 1948. Each wrapper has a joke or “funny fact” printed on it and imaginative, often humorous designs featuring penguins that often pastiche famous works of art.

During the 1980s the Penguin brand became known for their television advertising slogan “P…P…P…Pick up a Penguin!”

(#3) One of the pick-up ad(vert)s

… The Tim Tam produced by Arnott’s in Australia was based on the Penguin. Occasional media references include tongue-in-cheek debates over which is the superior biscuit.

… There are four variations of the biscuit: Chocolate, Orange, Mint, Toffee

Over the years the company has offered various spin-off Penguin merchandise, for example this ceramic Penguin biscuit jar:


Then, in 1996 McVitie’s introduced a switch on the “P…P…P…Pick up a Penguin!” slogan: “P…P…P…Pick up a Person!:

(#5) A screen shot from the ad, showing a McVitie’s Person biscuit bar

The ad:


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