Donuts & Chinese Food

Zippy comes across what he takes to be an oddity in San Francisco (16th and Folsom, in the Mission neighborhood):

The sign around the corner says:


So, not just donuts and Chinese food, but teriyaki and burgers as well!

Donut and Chinese food restaurants seem to be mostly a SoCal thing: in Los Angeles itself (7 Star, Honey, Town), in L.A. County (Jimmy’s in South El Monte, Lys Fresh in Paramount, L&H in Santa Fe Springs), or nearby (Pam’s in Temecula, Riverside County; K D’s in Foothill Ranch, Orange County), plus Savy (two locations) in Victorville (San Bernardino County), and further north (Judy’s in Clovis, Fresno County), and much further north (Galt in Galt, Sacramento County). The one outlier in the first 40 pages I googled up is Kaufman Donuts & Chinese Food in Kaufman, Texas.

J. Georgie’s seems to have started as Jim Georgie’s Donuts and then added stuff. They do breakfasts (sausage, pancakes, muffins, croissants, bagels, and more) and do serve some Chinese food (like sweet and sour chicken). There’s another location in the Portola neighborhood.

I haven’t had the D&CF experience myself, so I can’t report on it.

Yes, this is just silliness on a Saturday morning, with no significant linguistic content.

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  1. John Lawler Says:

    For a while until recently, there was a Sushi and Donuts place on Washtenaw Ave in Ann Arbor. Good sushi and good donuts, too.
    Now there’s yet another Coney Island there (Coney Island is the local name for a diner that serves Coney Island dogs, an elaborate chili dog).

  2. arnoldzwicky Says:

    Following up on John Lawler’s comment: I see reports of a Sushi and Donuts in L.A. and one in Plano TX (which seems to have changed its name to Sushi Heaven). In Tulsa OK there’s a place that’s Paradise Donuts in the morning and then Paradise Sushi Roll and Teriyaki at lunch; it’s owned and run by two Koreans.

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