mi krop

It’s not all pad thai. There’s a lot more there. In particular, mi krop, which came up as a plot element on an episode of (U.S.) Queer as Folk I viewed yesterday:

Mi krop … is a Thai dish. The name literally means “crisp noodles”. It is made with rice noodles and a sauce that is predominantly sweet but can be balanced with an acidic flavor, usually lemon or lime. The sour/citrus flavor prominent in this dish often comes from the peel of a Thai citrus fruit called som sa (a variety of citron).

There is, of course, a gigantic world of crispy noodle dishes, involving many kinds of noodles, in a number of cuisines. This one has the nice textural constrast between the noodles (with pork) and the bean sprouts, plus the sweet-and-sour thing.

There’s a raft of alternative spellings in English: mi krob, mee krob, meekrob, mi grob, and more.

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