From the December/January issue of Details magazine, in “The Wonderful, Wordless World of Emojis ;-): Navigating the complex and subtle intricacies of the digital language du jour” by Bret Begun, Laura Bolt, and Jon Roth:

Begrudgingly, but inevitably, we’ve let emojis infiltrate our lives. And while communicating with them doesn’t always feel right or good, omg, they’re so addicting. We furiously thumb our favorites to friends and those we hope to be more than friends with. At this point, if you don’t use them, you’re being purposefully pretentious, like the kind of person who brags about abstaining from Facebook.

Call me purposefully pretentious, but I’m not fond of emojis, though I’m offered a broad choice of them all the time.

Here’s a set from the article:

key:1 crying cat face; 2 eggplant; 3 walking guy; 4 pile of poo; 5 notebooks; 6 sushi; 7 thumbs-up; 8 eager smile (details in Detais)

(Communication via emoji in a Zits, #2 here.)

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