xkcd mansplaining

Yesterday‘s xkcd, “Time Travel Thesis”:

A man’s gotta explain what a man’s gotta explain.

(Hat tip to Chris Waigl.)

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2 Responses to “xkcd mansplaining”

  1. Ken Says:

    If this is mansplaining, it’s apparently impolite to speak to women about any topic they have any knowledge of.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      You have an odd understanding of the cartoon. If you introduce a topic that you have some knowledge of and your interlocutor tells you that they’re an expert on that topic, the two of you would normally be expected to then engage in a collaborative inside discussion on the topic. You are behaving bizarrely if you disregard your interloculor’s claim of expertise but go on to expound basic ideas to the other person, even when they remind you of their expertise — but this is what’s going on in the cartoon. (On occasion I’ve been the disregarded expert, and it is absolutely infuriating.)

      (In the most preposterously arrogant cases, the explainer tells the expert about the expert’s own published work.)

      The juggernaut explainer is almost always a man, and the disregarded expert is far more often a woman than a man. Some men don’t much want to listen to anyone, but a great many men don’t much want to listen to women.

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