Working men 2020

(Well, it’s a gay porn ad, so of course there’s plain talk about men’s bodies and mansex, so it’s inappropriate for kids and the sexually modest.)

On AZBlogX yesterday, the posting “Labor Day 2020”, a Falcon Studio gay porn ad for Labor Day, with two smiling affectionate men (playing construction workers). The ad, cropped here to make it penis-free for WordPress and to focus on their physical affection:

In the background, construction sites (construction workers being high-masculine players in the fantasy world of gay porn).

Cropped in this version are a collection of truck tires at the bottom (more symbolic working-class masculinity), and of course the pornstar dicks — one fairly thick and straight, one long and upcurved. (Every dick is beautiful, in its own way.)

But the centerpiece of the photo is affection between the two men, both smiling with pleasure as one wraps his arms around the other’s shoulders. (For me, that could only have been better if they were about to kiss — but then they’d be looking at each other instead of at us.)

Fond as I am of cocks, as objects of desire, I agree with many straight women that what makes men hot are the the other physical indices of attractive masculinity (their faces, shoulders, torsos, and characteristically masculine buttocks); sweet inviting smiles; and projected affection.

I know it’s just a posed ad with two gay porn actors, but it’s moving and pleasing to me, a little Labor Day gift from Falcon in difficult times.

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