Male photography: Leo (and Mikele)

(Mostly about male art, not much about language. Sexy, but far from incendiary.)

It started with a mailing, weeks ago, from this aggregation site that keeps sending me ads (mostly lame) for gay porn (from an assortment of addresses), with this image, which it touted as a hot item I should pay for:


This is a cool, and funny (and meant to be funny), piece of male photography showing  a relationship between two hot (and very playful) boyfriends (Mikele on the left here, Leo on the right). Way sexy, but meant as art, not — primarily, anyway — as jack-off material.  It’s part of a big portfolio staged mostly by Leo, material that I hope he will get published in book form. Maybe the aggregation site just gratuitously lifted this shot from the net, maybe they paid Leo for it (though I seriously doubt that), but what it is not is just amateur porn, which is what the (apparently Chinese) aggregation site was trying to sell it as.

Here: more of Leo, and some of the lovers together, a selection from Leo’s portfolio, available via his bahamvt Tumblr site, where @leotakespix says:

Just some nerd living in Rome. THIS IS MY ONLY ACCOUNT Exclusive cuddle buddy of @mikeletakespix. Open to partnerships with brands.

The man needs an agent. Seriously.

Both men are pleasingly muscular — they work out a lot — but Leo is more massive, Mikele leaner. (They also seem to have a huge collection of underwear, jockstraps, and swimsuits.)

Leo is fond of flowers. Here he is in two floral front shots:



Leo often presents himself from the rear, humped up, sometimes with flowers:


There are a fair number of playful shots, life this one of Leo in a pink harness (his comment: “Got no time to be masc i love pink too much.”


Cheeky lad.

Now the twoof them together. Making love:


(Leo’s comment: “Oh how i love sundays with @mikeletakespix.”)



And presiding over the Barbies that a friend had made in their likenesses:


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  1. Mike Says:

    Very cute and sexy. Thanks!

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