More rainbow fruit

Passed on by Karen Chung on Facebook, this set of rainbow fruit skewers:

An addition to my growing collection of rainbow food.

Earlier installments:

6/26/12: “Still more gay flag” (link): a very tall rainbow Oreo cookie

6/28/12:”For Stonewall Day” (link): more Pride Oreos, Pride Jell-O slices, a rainbow Jell-O mold

7/3/12: “Rainbow cookie facepalm” (link)

10/26/12: “Rainbow fruit” (link): a platter of fruit and fruit yoghurt

2 Responses to “More rainbow fruit”

  1. the ridger Says:

    Yummmm. That’s very attractive.

  2. Rainbow cone | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] recent rainbow food posting: “More rainbow fruit” of 11/27/12, with links to four earlier postings with rainbow […]

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