Two recent cartoons, a One Big Happy in which the grandmother copes with black street speech with an app for her audience; and a Doonesbury in which marijuana companies tailor their products and their advertising for gay and black audiences.

The app for seniors:


Advances in language technology:  a specialized translation app.

I’m not up on the latest (in almost any domain), but I recognize the relevant sense of BE break s.o. off as ‘give, share with’, though not with the math ‘numbers, spec. phone number’ as object.

Black gay stoners?:


Handsome gentleman farmers is wonderful; every so often, I post here with photos from calendars of near-naked hunky young men purporting to be farmers (as well as calendars of such men who are in fact rowers, firemen, rugby players, cops, and so on). For the month;y viewing pleasure of women and gay men. And now: pot farmers for gay stoners.

Meanwhile, menthol cigarettes and vape juices have a big black market, so why not for black gay stoners?

(Like Zonker, I find the idea of minty fresh marijuana, um, questionable.)

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