The measure of a man: HTC

(Scantily clad men flaunting their bodies, so not to everyone’s taste.)

Two representations of the male body, head to thigh, celebrating masculine faces, masculine bare torsos, and the male genitals. HTC — head, torso, crotch — images.

Previously, in yesterday’s posting on this blog, “Portrait of man: the head and bare torso image”, about HT images:

the head and bare torso image: In a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a photograph: the face projecting a persona, an identity, a character; the naked torso presenting this character as a carnal being: an embodiment of gender, a sexual object, and an assertion of vitality.

Now add to this the crotch, at least minimally clothed, but containing and hinting at the male genitals within — so substantially magnifying the sexual messages of the torso.

The Tomato birthday card. A birthday card — a Tomato® card (from from Jeanne Dusseault, dated 9/19/19 (a bit late for my birthday on 9/6), with two entertaining HTC guys (displaying their pecs and abs, looking casual in the crotch):

(#1) The front of the card

(#2) The greeting inside

(Playing on a systematic ambiguity in agentive –er derivatives from verbs: between instrument (a device for toasting, for dishwashing) and human actor (someone who toasts things, who washes dishes).)

Modus Vivendi swim briefs. The Daily Jocks ad from 8/26/19 (marking the 30th anniversary of the Modus Vivendi line):

(#3) An absurdly exaggerated display of homomasculinity: strongly masculine face, butch haircut, and a Dominant Top glare; a comic-book bodybuilder torso; and the briefest of briefs, in fag-neon pink — altogether quite remarkable

Also offered at the time:

(#4) ad copy: “The new Modus Vivendi Bodybuilding Low Cut Brief is the ultimate minimalistic swim brief. It features a full coverage back and front part lining.”

The stylized models (headless, alas) have fantasy swimmer’s torsos — a body type that is, however, fairly often realized in real men. And then there are the well-filled pouches, now the focus of the display.

From the MV webpage:

About Us: The story of Modus Vivendi is the culmination of a Dream. A Dream to go beyond limited choices.

Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, Modus Vivendi launched in December 1989 by the Greek Designer Christos Bimpitsos as a more tailored approach to exclusive men’s underwear, swimwear & sportswear.

All of our garments are designed and manufactured in Greece. From the high quality fabrics, to the exclusive hand-design and luxurious packaging, expect nothing but the best.

The Modus Vivendi team works closely with specially selected partners to ensure that our quality is the best in the men’s underwear world. Throughout the decades we have developed our collections to offer a style to suit every preference, always using the finest fabrics for unparalleled softness and comfort.

Our Vision: The MV World draws inspiration from our Vision: to deliver a new experience in men’s underwear fashion with the Male Way of Life. We want you to set new standards and express yourself and your diversity starting with your underwear. We teetherbreak norms in fashion and bring fun in the design of men’s underwear, leaving behind the traditional and plain boring underwear.

Our Moto [sic] was and always be: `We do what we do because we love it`.

The Male Way of Life: Respecting diversity Modus Vivendi creates Unique Collections of underwear, swimwear, sportswear, loungewear, streetwear and accessories each with its own distinctive character, all designed in spectacular patterns and colors of outstanding beauty.

‘Modus Vivendi Male Way of Life’ redefines men’s underwear with elegance, authenticity and edgy designs, and underpins this with personal care and seamless service.

Highlights from earlier postings on this blog:

on 5/8/18 in “My skivvies are my lifestyle”, with the ad copy:

Their name, Modus Vivendi, is their philosophy. From Latin, Modus Vivendi translates to lifestyle or way of life. Their name reflects their design and manufacturing approach to everything they make; it is not just a product or just a brand, it reflects a lifestyle.

on 4/16/20 in “The Grim Mouser”, with the ad copy:

Sleek, stylish and renowned for its powerful designs, Modus Vivendi underwear is a Thessaloniki based brand with a God-like aesthetic.

Yes, they are that earnest and visionary. But they are also really, really queer. Which brings us to (in my estimation) their current high point of outrageous homowear display:

on 7/20/20 in “Gay couple in Pouchland”, on the MV Peace line of underwear, with two sex-drenched HTC displays, presented not as from two separate men, but as from two men in an intense sexual relationship, moreover one framed as dominant with subordinate. Not your father’s underwear ad, not even close.


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