Jazzing Goes to College

(Mansex and raunchy sex talk; not for kids or the sexually modest)

Today’s mailer from the HUNT e-magazine (representing Falcon Studios and its associated gay porn brands):

(#1) Hot College Studs in Hardcore Bareback Action

The title of this posting. The poetic scansion of the header for #1. The group sexual act portrayed in ithe middle panel. And notes on the genre of porn provided by Corbin Fisher.

The title. It starts with Jazz Goes to College. From Wikipedia:

(#2) A treasure of my teenage years, this very vinyl album

Jazz Goes to College is a 1954 album documenting the North American college tour of the Dave Brubeck Quartet. It was Dave Brubeck’s first album for Columbia Records. He was joined by alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, double bassist Bob Bates, and drummer Joe Dodge.

And goes on with jazz, a word of many uses. In particular, slang uses of the verb jazz, from GDoS:

1 (orig. US black) … to have sexual intercourse [Jaser (or Jazer) ‘to copulate’ in 1896 Farmer Vocabula Amatoria; then from 1918 lyrics to “Mlle. from Armenteres”, She jazzed a Nigger, she jazzed a Jew; and on from there] 2 (US) to enliven, to inspire, to excite. [1st cite 1917 song title Jazz Me Blues] …

Lots of vigorous jazzing on the Corbin Fisher campus, plus other enthusiastic mansex of several types, including of course the basic mansexual act, cocksucking  — illustrated in the middle panel of #1 (though with the cocks fuzzed over for WordPressiveness).

That panel also includes an especially hefty and shapely Andrew Christian pouch, in collegiate crimson (or perhaps cardinal).  A varsity package.

Scanning the header. Several possibilties, but I favor ones that accord with the hard-driving trochees of the second part of the header,

(in) HARDcore BAREback ACtion – SW SW SW

(3 trochaic feet, so either trimeter, or else tetrameter with a rest (R) for the 4th foot); or even more hard-driving straightforward tetrameter:

(in) HARDcore BAREback AC TION – SW SW S S

(with short 3rd and 4th feet; in popular music, action is often performed as AC SHUN – S S).

Carrying that analysis forward to the first half of the header would have it scanned as:


(again, 3 trochaic feet, but with the 1st and 3rd feet short; again, trimeter, or else very likely tetrameter with R for the 4th foot).

The alternatives would be dimeter scansions,

HOT college STUDS
– either dactylic SWW S or anapestic S WWS

Of course, in setting lines to music, shifts in prosody can be used for effect, so it all depends on how you want the header to sound when you sing it. But for just reading it as poetry I’d go for trochees all the way.

Group sex: the line-up, or side-by-side. The young men in the middle panel of #1 come in pairs, arranged side by side in a row — a fairly common form of group sex in gay porn, where it provides the viewer with lots and lots of some satisfying sex act, on the theory that more is always better, and in an attempt to provide a range of physical appearances (body types, racial ethnic identities, facial expressions, etc.) and projected personas, so that any individual viewer can find a guy he desires or wants to identify with.

Basically, any act that two men can perform together can be replicated by couples in a row, in what I’l call a line-up, or side-by-side. A few examples from my 1/2/11 AZBlogX posting “Group sex in gay porn”:

Early on, the four guys stand side by side in a row, pull out their dicks and play with them, piss together, and then jack off together. This is not twice as hot as two pairs of guys clearly into each other would have been. Fortunately, they break the parallelism for some free-style sex, with guys shifting from one partner and act to another fluidly. But then they pair up for side-by-side doggie-style fucking, with the two couples almost mirrors of one another, and that diffuses rather than enhances the sexual energy of the scene. Later, there’s a three-way in-line standing fuck scene that also seems stylized, a mere repetition of a pattern. In all these cases, you can look from one place to another, but you’re essentially seeing the same thing.

In porn, it’s a stunt (but a stunt that arouses a fair number of viewers). In real life, my experience is that side-by-sides are limited to two couples, where they can be seriously hot: the four participants establish emotional relationships (supportive or competitive or, usually, some of both) across the couples, potentially enhancing the relationships within each of the couples. The guy getting fucked next to you while you’re getting fucked becomes a sex buddy: you exchange glances that say isn’t this fabulous, god you’re hot when you’re lost in sex; you compete in shouting out your shared need to get more of it, deeper, dirtier, and harder, to get your fucker off and take his load; you smell each other’s sex sweat; afterwards, you trade satisfied smiles, maybe a little embarrassed at having done this thing in front of an audience.

The four-way is a real thing; six-ways, eight-ways, etc. are fantasy things. That’s fine; porn is packed with unlikely sexual encounters in absurd settings, acrobatic performances, feats of endurance, strength, and agility, and so on. Pornstars do these things so that we don’t have to, but we can still get the kick.

The Corbin Fisher brand of gay sex. From Wikipedia:

Corbin Fisher is an American film studio with a focus on gay pornography, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. …  The founder of Corbin Fisher [Jason Gibson], who goes by the same name as an alias, started filming men and making videos during his spare time, and started the website CorbinFisher.com in 2004. The company released its first full-length DVD in September 2008.

So 2014 was its 10th anniversary. There were publications:

(#3) 2014: All American photo book: a couple couples

(#4) All American 2014 calendar: keep those jeans low on the hips

CF offers (as characters in its porn stories) athletic regular-guy American college men. The actors / models don’t necessarily have collegiate connections, and many (probably most) of them seem to identify as straight in real life; such information isn’t easy to find, though they all have their age (at least 18), height, cock size, and foreskin status listed on the CF site (stick to what’s important).

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