Short shot #12: spotted dick

Ian Preston relays a story from the British press about the renaming of the suet pudding commonly known as “Spotted Dick” — on the menu of the Flintshire council canteen (in Mold). The BBC story of September 8 is here; additional reports in the Telegraph here and the Sun here.

Staff were reported as making the change — to “Spotted Richard” (alternatively, “Sultana Sponge”) — because customers were making crude innuendos and rude remarks about the traditional name.

Cries of “political correctness” (on the part of official bodies) and the like ensued.

The BBC story had a sidebar about the return, back in 2002, of Spotted Dick to the Gloucestershire hospitals’ menus, after a period of Spotted Richard.

3 Responses to “Short shot #12: spotted dick”

  1. mollymooly Says:

    “Spotted Richard” is such a total fail it must be a false flag operation. Ostentatious avoidance is a form of emphasis.

  2. hsgudnason Says:

    This reminds me of a very enjoyable book I read once by an Englishman who ran a British restaurant in Lyon, France. The title was Spotted Dick, S’il Vous Plaît.

  3. Ian Preston Says:

    More background and an update appear in today’s news : “The council now says the pudding will revert to its traditional name. But it has warned any customers who act in a ‘childish way’ to behave themselves or be refused food.”

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