Following up on my posting yesterday of a Dilbert strip that ended with Alice apparently bent on castration, David Preston resurrected a droll Dilbert of 11/9/93:

UNIX, eunuchs, what’s the dif?

And that brings me to Diane DiMassa and Hothead Paisan. From Wikipedia:

Diane DiMassa (born 1959) is an American feminist artist, author and cartoonist. Her works include comics, illustrations, and a graphic novel. While she is best known for the character Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist she is a prolific fine artist as well.

… DiMassa published Hothead Paisan from 1991–1996; the whole series has been collected into the anthology The Complete Hothead Paisan, published by Cleis Press.

Hothead Paisan is rage therapy for the marginalized and disaffected, the fed up,and anyone sickened by society’s ills. Her readers comprise a full spectrum of gender, orientation, race and class.

… Hothead has no filter and reacts viscerally and violently to the injustices of the world. Her acting out of the fantasies that “normal” people have but would never act on holds her appeal; she does it for us unapologetically and uproariously.

One of those fantasies is wielding her giant lopping shears on male offenders.

(Back on the Usenet newsgroup soc.motss, the metaphorical lopping shears became a recurrent theme, and in 1996 an actual pair of lopping shears was presented to motsser Melinda Shore in a public ceremony.)

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