We are everywhere, and we have penguins

For 2018’s Pride Month…

From the UK Pink News, “Antarctica is about to have its first ever Pride” by Jess Glass on 5/28/18:

Antarctica is set to have its first ever Pride event – thanks to a group of LGBT people based in an Antarctic research centre.

(Hat tip to penguinophile Diana Darnell.)

A group of 10 LGBT+ people based at the United States’ McMurdo Station – around 850 miles away from the South Pole – have begun preparations for their first ever Pride celebration, including taking a photo of the group outside of the base.

Shawn Waldron and Evan Townsend came up with the idea for the event, telling NewNowNext they plan to commemorate Pride during June’s Pride Month.

However, the pair were forced to begin preparations in April before Antarctica was plunged into constant darkness for multiple months.

“Why not take this photo and let people see that there’s queer representation—even at the end of the earth,” Waldron said.

There are currently only 133 people currently stationed at McMurdo for the winter, but almost 900 people work in the base during the summer months.

Despite the small number of people, the base has a thriving LGBT community. Although much of their time on the base is spent working, the community is able to host events and even watch the third season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

We are everywhere, even at the ends of the earth. And we have penguins.


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