A friend in the UK writes on Facebook:

It just occurred to me that Creams would be a great name for a gay pub.

(but he hasn’t found a pub by that name). Then I discovered that this musing was posted on the occasion of his visiting Creams Cafe (a dessert shop specializing in Italian gelato) in Liverpool.

The facade:


and some dessert waffles:


Some gay bar names are widespread: after the first Eagle bar in NYC in 1970, Eagle leather/levi bars sprung up in many cities. And Stud (with variants in the name) bars are all over the place, too, for obviously onomastic reasons. The Stud in San Francisco has an especially notable history. From Wikipedia:

(#3) The Stud’s exterior

The Stud is a gay bar located in South of Market, San Francisco. It was started by associates George Matson and Richard Conroy on May 27, 1966. According to George Matson it was a “bar for people, not just pretty bodies”. Originally the Stud was located at the western end of Folsom Street and in 1987 moved to its current location at Ninth Street and Harrison Street. The Stud is known for their themed parties, drag and burlesque shows, and community events. It was also home of the famous Trannyshack, a weekly drag show that featured all different types of drag and drag stars from 1996 until 2008.

(#4) A crowd watches a performance at The Stud Bar’s 50th anniversary party [in 2016] (photo: Rachel Garner/S.F. Examiner)

In my 12/9/10 posting “A note on Mineshaft and Toolbox”, comments on these two sexually suggestive names. The Tool Box is the name of the gay bar in the movie Wayne’s World 2. And the Blue Oyster Bar is the gay bar in the Police Academy films; discussion in my 11/19/15 posting “Rushing Sugar”. Other notably unsubtle names: Ramrod, Manhole, Cockpit.

Then there are more literary names, like The Plumed Serpent and Le Baiser de la Fée (only the first of which has actually been used); see my 12/7/10 posting “A contest”. (Further suggestions in that posting and in net discussions.)




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