The goofy joke

An old but still entertaining Mickey Mouse joke, told to me by an acquaintance last night:

The judge says to Mickey, “I can’t grant you a divorce because you think Minnie is crazy.”

“I didn’t say she was crazy,” says Mickey, “I said she was fucking Goofy!”

Two interlocked ambiguities here: the expressive adverb fucking ‘exceedingly’ vs. the literal verb fucking ‘having sexual intercourse with’, and the adjective goofy ‘foolish’ vs. the proper name Goofy.

This is the judge version; there’s also a lawyer version:

Mickey’s laywer says, “Your honor, my client requests a divorce from his spouse Minnie on the grounds that she is insane.” And Mickey says, “You idiot, I didn’t say she was crazy, I said she was fucking Goofy!”

There are other less punchy versions out there.

(Interlocked ambiguities are a feature of many entertaining jokes and gags, like the “like my mother’s cooking” cartoon here.)

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  1. nomdeplume4jrl Says:

    Brightened an otherwise gloomy day — thanks!

  2. Fucking ambiguity « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] The joke turns on the ambiguity of fucking, between the expressive adjective fucking ’(god)damn’ vs. the literal noun fucking ‘having sexual intercourse with’ (compare the adverb-verb ambiguity in fucking goofy, here). […]

  3. Fucking ambiguity – Strong Language Says:

    […] I can only think of contrived or anecdotal examples, generally humorous. There’s a joke based on ‘fucking Goofy’, an analogous quip on Reddit (Fuck ’em in response to a sexual proposition by a third party), and […]

  4. Lew Lasher Says:

    Tangentially-related eggcorn:
    Recently, I’ve seen people refer to “plutonic” relationships

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