Playing with morphology

From several sources: repticide, reptard, danglology.

Start with today’s Zits:

(That’s just a garter snake.)

Repticidal, derived from repticide, with the combining form -cide (discussed, in connection with laundricide, here). Modest number of ghits for repticide, including this entertaining piece, “Justifiable Repticide” (by James, 4/27/11), about a bearded dragon (a lizard in the genus Pogona):

If there were a Special Olympics for reptiles, my daughter’s pet bearded dragon would be a prime candidate.

… He is dumber than a rock. For example, every day when he sees me getting his crickets out to feed him he runs face first into the glass wall of his cage. Every fucking time. You’d think that he’d remember that there was glass there, but he keeps mashing his ugly, retarded face into the glass day after day. Yes, he is one retarded reptile. He’s… he’s a reptard.

… I’ve seriously considered Googling “bearded dragon poison” to see if there was some way I could snuff this quadrupedal annoyance and make it look like it was natural causes. I can’t bring myself to do it though, because my daughter loves the little reptard.

A photo of a pet bearded dragon:

Which brings us to the playful reptard, with the libfix -tard (postings on it here and here).

On a separate front, e-mail from Ben Zimmer yesterday, linking to Philip Corbett’s NYT blog on grammar, usage, and style, on “A Plague of Danglers” (7/12/11), with the note:

For the danglologists…

(that is, people who study dangling modifiers).

No ghits for danglology (Ben’s playful derivative) or dangleology (another possibility) or danglingology (another, remote, possibility), and the only ghits for danglerology are from my own postings on the subject!

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Reptilicide is also attested, mostly (it seems) with in gaming contexts, having to do with the character Reptilicus.

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