A thousand plus

I meant to post when the number of postings to this blog reached 1,000, but I got caught up in other things, and now this is (according to WordPress) #1,034. How quickly they accumulate.

Meanwhile, I’m nearing a hundred postings on my X blog. I haven’t labored to count my postings to Language Log over the years — this would take some actual work — but it’s probably close to 2,000.

That’s a lot of blogging in toto.



4 Responses to “A thousand plus”

  1. Ned Deily Says:

    “That’s a lot of blogging in toto.”

    I’ve a feeling you’re not in Ohio anymore.

  2. John Lawler Says:

    It is a lot of blogging.
    And thank you.

  3. The Ridger Says:

    Congrats, and many more!

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