This morning’s name was, annoyingly, just a surname: Detweiler. I had the feeling that it was the name of a character in a film or tv show, possibly a detective (but that might just be from the shared det– in detective and Detweilerˆ).

Well, you wouldn’t believe how many Detweilers a Google search pulls up! But none of them in the first hundred pages seemed at all familiar to me. (Remember that the question is why the name popped up in my memory.)

7 Responses to “Detweiler?”

  1. John Baker Says:

    Since your morning names tend to be famous people, it might be better to look at the Wikipedia page on Detweiler, The most likely choice surely is Ducky Detweiler, a name made to be a morning name if there ever was one.

  2. Michael Vnuk Says:

    How about from ‘The Sound of Music’? Max Detweiler is the friend of both the Baroness and the Captain, and then schemes to get the family singing.

  3. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Benita Bendon Campbell:

    Mildred Detweiler is the name of an important character in “By Love Possessed” – a best seller by James Gould [Cozzens] – popular in the late ’50’s – early 60’s. Miss Detweiler’s suicide unleashed a whole universe of events that dominated the novel’s plot.

    Nice idea, but I have no experience with the novel.

  4. Lauren Says:

    TJ Detweiler, from the cartoon series Recess?

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