The snail days of summer

On the Comics Kingdom blog on Tuesday, for National Escargot Day (May 24th), ten cartoons on snails, all of them new to this blog. Some turn on the snail cartoon meme (having to do with slowness), many have to do with the slowness of postal services (snail mail, in the rhyming retronym), the rest deal with other gastropodal matters.

One by one, with the Comics Kingdom notes:

1. Mooch is worried about his pet – Mutts (by Patrick McDonnell) 5/19/16


#1 and #10 are clear examples of the slow-snail meme.

2. The restaurant biz has its own set of priorities – Tino’s Grove (by Rina Piccolo) 9/21/09


3. When it comes to a wager, it’s all in the name for Sherman – Sherman’s Lagoon (by Jim Toomey) 1/14/13


4. Oscar’s horticultural efforts have unintended consequences – Arctic Circle 12/30/11


5. Ah, to settle in for a nice, quiet weekend – Rhymes With Orange 2/5/15


6. Peer pressure can be overwhelming to a youngster – Six Chix (by Isabella Bannerman) 4/6/15


Note: slide, rather than jump. Snails don’t jump.

7. This guy is really retro when it comes to communicating – Bizarro 5/20/16


8. Could “letters from Grandma” be a thing of the past? – Baby Blues (by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott) 7/5/14


9. Curtis thinks technology has made him slick, but his dad has got his number – Curtis (by Ray Billingsley) 1/30/12


The clipping ‘za for pizza is in fact well attested back to the 1980s. Iit seems to be roughly contemporaneous with ‘rents for parents, the two clippings sharing the unusual property of preserving an unaccented syllable from the original.

10. Mooch decides his pet needs its freedom – Mutts 5/21/16



2 Responses to “The snail days of summer”

  1. Robert Coren Says:

    In #1, there’s also the suggestion that the snail might be looking or acting a bit too much like its relative the slug.

    Re #9, I recall ‘shrooms from as far back as the early 1970s.

  2. Dennis Preston Says:

    On snails: Don’t forget the shaggy dog with the punchline: “Look at the S-car go!”

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