Morning names: Vibrafoam, Vibram

Two similar brand names, both kinds of portmanteaus, but otherwise very different: acoustic insulation, sturdy soles for shoes.

Vibrafoam. From the RubberGreen site:

Vibrafoam is a range of vibrating insulation mat made of microcellular elastomer based on a specific polyurethane.

The Vibrafoam can be used for

– Decreasing vibration of industrial machinery
– Acoustic insulation or anti vibration of a entire building
– Vibrating appliances (washing machines)


The name combines the vibra– of vibration with foam.

Vibram. From the Vibram soles site on their history:

In 1935, tragedy drives Vitale Bramani to develop a sole capable of excellent traction on mixed surfaces. Using vulcanized rubber technology, he develops the Carrarmato design. It will soon be famous. Even today it remains one of the most used soles by mountain climbers.

In 1937:


(That’s Pirelli the Italian tire company.)

The name combines the vi- of Vitale with the bram- of Bramani.

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