XBlog essays

First, a new posting on AZBlogX, “In the locker room, half hard”, with a locker room scene in an ad for a new C1R gay porn release, the crudely but informatively titled Gridiron Gang Bang — a scene in which two of the actors are half-erect. (Further details on my X blog.)

Along with that, I’ve inaugurated a series of Pages under the heading “XBlog essays“, itself under the heading “XWriting” (for writing with X-rated content). The Page for the locker room posting is called “Soft / hard”.

The crucial XBlog essays either are posted fully on AZBlogX, or are posted in this blog, with X-rated images on AZBlogX.

The topics so far are:

Angle and curvature; Body size; Clothed / unclothed; Gay for pay; Group sex; Messy sex; Penis size; Pits ‘n’ tits; Pornstar dildos; Sex in public; Soft / hard

There will probably be more.

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